July 19, 2013
Live a life of passion

Live a Life of Passion

Live a life of passion...You know the kind - the passion that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning to see what happens next! Let us help you!
July 27, 2013
Keeping your life clutter-free

Keeping Your Life Clutter-free

When you are keeping your life clutter-free you have more time to devote to things that you love and are passionate about.
September 3, 2013
Happiness is a balancing act

Happiness Is A Balancing Act

Happiness is a Balancing Act. Find your balance in life through 4 steps. Life Coaching By Karen can help you achieve balance and lead a happy life!
September 29, 2013
Human Doing or Human Being?

Human Doing or Human Being?

Learn the difference between a human being and a human doing. Find out how to tune into life and truly BE, rather than DOing so much you lose touch with you.