October 30, 2014
De-stress for the Holidays

De-stress for the Holidays

Do you want to de-stress for the holidays, right before the stress hits? Join us for this enlightening workshop!
October 24, 2014

Tomorrow Is Today

Tomorrow Is Today Sometimes I sit and think about all that I am going to accomplish tomorrow. Not necessarily literally tomorrow, but at least in the […]
October 5, 2014
Key to Success

The Key to Success

Does it seem far-fetched that ONE thing is the key to success? Yes, but once you think about it you'll see how significant this one quality is.
October 5, 2014
The Fear Reflex

Book Review: The Fear Reflex

In "The Fear Reflex," Dr. Shrand teaches readers how to overcome their fears by changing the way they see themselves and others, using his I-Maximum approach.