Rest and recharge
Rest and Recharge: All work and no play, keeps the balance away!
May 20, 2013
Passion: What the Heck is Mine?
May 31, 2013

Finding Contentment in a Chaotic World

Finding Contentment in a Chaotic World

There are so many demands on you… performing at work… juggling family responsibilities… and then there’s the financial stress of living with a struggling economy. How do you ever find peace of mind?DropofWorldWeb

Karen will teach you some practical, easy, daily techniques to help you find contentment even during times of stress. You’ll leave this presentation more relaxed and more energized! And, you’ll discover that you can have contentment in your life.

  • Learn how to look for contentment in life.
  • Master strategies that will bring you greater peace and happiness.
  • Have a renewed sense of purpose and outlook on life!

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